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'Dogs n Wods' is a small outfit that has tall ambitions. We make useful products that we happily use ourselves and not items that end up in the dump after one use or come over wrapped. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. 

How can we become more eco-friendly? Well there are loads of ways and now we are up and running we will be ticking some off our list below. We welcome any suggestions you may have:

  1. Reduce packaging - because we are small this is easy for us to manage right now.
  2. Source fair trade clothing where possible - we are already looking at doing this where quality for you is not compromised. In fact, we are testing some products right now!
  3. Reduce unnecessary lorry distribution by using local suppliers - this is only possible where profitable, we are doing our best.
  4. Use recycled material where possible - we are using recycled mail bags so are off to a good start :-)
  5. Try to keep as much of the business paper free - it only collects dust and goes straight in the bin!
  6. No wasted trips – make our journeys for more than one reason.
  7. Try to reduce plastic use - we don't want to add to the problem.
  8. ………..

Can you think of more? Use the contact us page to let us know


The 'Dogs n Wods' team

#dogsnwods #jointhepack