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Question: What is a WOD?

Answer: It is an acronym for “Work Out of the Day” or we also like to think "Walk Of the Day" 😊

Question: Why is stock sometimes unavailable?

Answer: After searching far and wide we found and rely on particular suppliers for certain stock as we are in the process of manufacturing our own. Our stock depends on theirs, where possible we have a “buffer” stock to try to minimise the times this happens…..but it is not our fault everyone wants to join the pack, right? 😊


Question: The sizing on my order isn’t quite right, can you help?

Answer: We are sorry the fit isn’t quite right. Of course, you can return an unused order within 30 days from purchase however beyond then we cannot offer any money back.


Question: Do I have to own a dog to buy this awesome stuff?

Answer: Don’t be silly, you crazy cat…. We just like the ring of the name and love our dogs. But we aim for our human clothing to be quality and stylish. The logo is cool and looks good on anyone exercising, so enjoy!